December 19, 2006

New Daisy Colors

I have been working on some new beads (and new colorways of my classic beads) for magazine projects lately. I decided to branch out from the regular pastel colors of my daisies, and this new RED glaze I have been loving has been a perfect starting point. I still need a black daisy with a lime dot.

I will be adding the RED to my regular line up of glazes, with perhaps a couple more colors. I need to test each new color many times to see if it is consistent enough to add to my line. This RED has been a real gem! I am also thinking about a chocolate glaze and a new bright turquoise teal.

In the months of Jan and Feb I usually do a big website overhaul. Last year at this time, I made my first e-commerce catalog website that you see now at I am not going to relaunch something as huge this year, but I want to tidy things up, add some new products and get it ready for 2007. I do hope to make a separate wholesale site so wholesale purchasing is a little less confusing. For that, I will need to learn a few new things like working with a sub-domain and making pages password protected, so I need to do some research...

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