December 17, 2006


I have been feeling very imaginative in the last few days. I have realized that I haven't taken a break for a while from working on my business. For many months now I have just been pushing through the processes: doing shows, selling, processing orders. I do enjoy that part of the process, but it feels really good right now to be able to work on new ideas. My imagination has been working like crazy...last night I was even dreaming in beads and clay. This is the time for me to do lots of sketching and playing, to prepare for next year's new work. It is an exciting time!

Of course there are still orders to process and lots of personal things to do with the holidays coming (that pile of presents are not going to wrap themselves!) But I am really trying to balance these things with my imagination time right now. I feel that I need to work in the moment when it hits, because my creativity doesn't always work on demand.

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