December 4, 2006

Another Potter's Market completed

Every year I prepare for the annual Potters Market. It is always a great event, and this year was no exception. It is great to be around all the potters and so much great clay, and to see so many customers enjoying our work. The Market is also a ton of work, and takes me several weeks to prepare for. When it is over, it is quite a relief, but the whole process makes me happy so I continue to do it each year.

We wrapped it up last night and now I have two shows this weekend to close out my show season. I am doing a trunk show at Biddle Gallery and a show with two of my good friends at a local community center. I also have orders needing to be finished and shipped out, with patient customers waiting for them. So this week will continue to be busy for me. But the end of the week, December 10th, I am declaring is the end of my holiday rush. It will be the final day to place an order for the holidays, so I hope to be able to get everything completed soon after that and enjoy some holiday time myself...

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