November 2, 2006

Happy Kiln-Fulls!

Things have been moving along quickly here. I finished the last big ornament order. I must say I am very pleased with how efficiently I fired that kiln full. Look at that picture above. That is really the most I could ever wish to fit in that little kiln: 160 ornaments! Something about a very full kiln makes me feel very happy and content. It's the clay nerd in me.

Well I had about a day of peace where I felt like I was caught up. That is a good feeling for a little while, but then the *busy* happens again. And now I am swimming in it. A few items of press just came out and I have several orders to work on now. This next couple of weeks will be very busy, with two shows (the first this weekend) plus the orders and our birthdays (mine is Nov 8 and Chucks is Nov 10th). And don't forget voting day! That is very important. I am a little concerned because Chuck is nursing a cold and I am scared I will get it , just at the wrong time. Better keep drinking my OJ and thinking healthy thoughts...


  1. I hope you don't catch it. The girls got sick and of course I ended up getting it. :(

  2. Hope you dont catch it! My kids and I were out sick two days this week...half our school is out. Now Im playing catch up with my jewelry making, I have a show the week of thanksgiving. Cant wait to get my order from you. Think healthy thoughts!! Terri