November 8, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday! YAY! I have turned 33 today. We went for a dog jog and to Panera for lunch and I decided I wanted a birthday bun (cinnamon, of course!) for my cake, although a cupcake would have been a good choice if they had them. Unfortunately, it will be a pretty low key day, since Chuck has a terrible cold. Poor thing...he feels so bad that he can't pamper me with birthday attention. We have plans for some special things this weekend, so hopefully he will be better in time for that...

And next week, I will be having a really big, special sale for members of my newsletter mailing list only! So if you haven't signed up, please do, so I can send you my birthday sale info next week.

Have a happy day everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday!! You are a young pup. Hopefully hubby will be feeling better this weekend and you can properly celebrate! :D

  2. Happy Birthday - hope you enjoyed the day despite the lack of pampering - but then he can always make that up to you later ;)

  3. Thanks ladies! Chuck is on the way to feeling better...he got some real medicine from a doctor so I hope he will be well soon. I will make sure to stretch my birthday out all weekend, LOL!

  4. You share a birthday with my husband (although he's older than you). Hope you had a great day!