October 16, 2006

Time for a dreamy nap!

Whew! What a weekend! I had two shows this weekend, on opposite sides of the state. Saturday was off to Grand Rapids for a bead show and Sunday was another bead show close by in Southfield. Grand Rapids is just under 3 hours away which makes for a long day of driving/setting up/selling/driving back. Sunday I was up again to do it all over, except the drive was only a few minutes. Very tiring. Fortunately I had the company of my good friend and fellow beadmaker Diane so it made the shows a bit easier.

But my work was not over after the show Sunday, for I had to inventory and pack up all my holiday items for Pewabic for their holiday show and drive it downtown Detroit. Chuck came with me and we brought the dog, then stopped for a quick walk and drive around Belle Isle. Geez, I don't think I had been there since I was a kid! I vaguely remember the zoo and I do remember the big fountain. It was pretty deserted, but it was Monday afternoon and kinda overcast.

So it is now Monday evening and my kiln is loaded and firing and I have nothing left to work on that needs my immediate attention. So I am going to get some rest tonight and try to sleep in tomorrow before the next wave of crazy work and deadlines hits. I love this business I have made for myself, but I do need to remember to take some time off, so I don't burn out!

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