October 25, 2006

Things have been a little hectic here. I am keeping up at a good pace, and there is constant work but I am not in a panic. Just busy and a bit tired. I am working on another custom cookie order (another re-order, in fact) and it is a big one at 150 pieces. These are a little different process than my regular cookies, though, as they are rolled out in a slab, stamped, and cookie cut out. So I do this in the basement because I need more space. It i s kind of fun, because I can stand up and dance around while I work. And I have my old Hello Kitty boombox tape player kicking out awesome 80's tunes. So I got in some Dream Academy, Cure, and Depeche Mode yesterday.

We also took Zoey to the vet because she still has that limp occasionally. Doctor Bum-Bum (as we fondly call her, lol) said she has a little knee sprain and arthritis. So we got an inflammatory and she is supposed to rest for a week.

Today I need to do glaze and fire a kiln, and finish the rest of the cookie order. I will probably do some web work this morning first. I want to get up my press page for the article in Stringing that is coming out (YAY!). I have also been thinking of moving my customer gallery to its own blog. I have lots of pics to add and it takes up a lot of space on the site. That's a pretty big project though.. maybe I should wait until after the holidays.

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