October 10, 2006

Sew What?

I have been coming along nicely with orders, so I spent a little time sewing this morning in between packaging for shipping. I used this great upholstery remnant to make a basic pillow form, which I kept open to stuff with my small pieces of fabric that are too small to use any more. No point in wasting...I figured I could recycle it as pillow fill.

I went to Joanns after the post office, and bought a new pattern for a bathrobe, and some very cute polar fleece, so that's my next project. Since I am such a sewing newbie, the fleece is a good choice because it is so forgiving. Perhaps as I become more confident I will make the jump to actually make something that I can wear outside, instead of pillows, bags, and pajamas.

Looking at patterns at the store reminds me of the hilarious site Threadbared. It makes me laugh hard every time I see it!

That's about all the sewing I can work on today though...I have many cookie ornaments to make tonight for a special order, and if I finish in time, I need to move on to some custom candy ornaments. That's about 3 dozen I need for orders...I hope I can accomplish that this evening!

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