October 8, 2006


So yesterday I needed some high temp wire from a store a little ways away, down Woodward in Birmingham. We packed up the dog and took a drive...I found a little park on Google with trails. I miss the trails we walked in the mountains in Portland (see picture above). The trails we went to yesterday were not the same sort of trails, unfortunately (they were in the middle of the city after all) but we had a good time anyways walking along the river. Zoey went in the water and seemed to be having fun. But later last night she started walking with a limp. I hope she is ok. She ran around like a crazy dog when we got home and hosed her off, so maybe she stumbled and sprained something. We will take it easy today and if she is still limping tomorrow take her to the vet.

So anyways, about the Portland trails...I think I like Portland because you can be near the city, around lots of people and culture, but then drive a few minutes and hike a little to an amazing place where you can feel alone in nature...really deep in nature, where you can hear the stream or waterfall and the birds and not much else. I don't know where I have experienced this around here. We go to little nature trails or parks but they are full of people and you can usually hear the cars on the highway. I loved walking the mountain paths in Portland, getting lost in my thoughts and the beauty of my surroundings, in the seemingly neverending pathway in front of me. I think it is a delicate balance for me, needing to feel like I can access both the silence of nature and the rush and bustle of people, even within the same day. I need to feel connected to humanity and nature at the same time.

And a final, unrelated note...a fine reader wrote to tell me one of my blog links was broken, and went to an adult site. eek! Sorry if anyone happened across that! I spent the morning checking all my links and making sure they went where they are supposed to, so that shouldn't happen again!

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