October 12, 2006


Well, Chuck never got to brew yesterday. I guess he had to clean some things first and get his grain ready. Maybe this weekend while I am at my show he will do it. Yesterday I was able to finish all the glazing for orders, and I fired them, so they are cooling now. I have my fingers crossed on this kiln, because it is my biggest order of Message Sticks yet and I am a little nervous that some of the glazes might not be really clear and readable. I made doubles of everything though so I really hope it will work out.

Last night I finished the last of my wet work for orders, this time about 50 snack charms headed to Spain. Mostly donuts (see picture above) and some other snacks. An enjoyable night of Project Runway drama and beadmaking!

what a weird day so far. It SNOWED for the first time (that I am aware of). Hee Hee, I made Zoey wake up and go outside. As you can see, she was not so pleased. See the little flakes on her back? She loves snow, actually, but she loves napping too. The snow didn't stick and now, a couple of hours later, it is sunny and brisk out.

So speaking of donuts, I think *today* might be the perfect day for the cider mill! Squee!