October 20, 2006

Custom Ceramic Ornaments

Did you know that I do custom ornaments? I just finished up two different orders for them, one for the terra cotta scent cookie ornaments and one for glazed candy ornaments. The cookies are going to my friends at the Body Bakery who are cooking up a special holiday gift set with their delightful scented oils. I made this special snowflake stamp just for them for their holiday cookies. I actually use a lot of Body Bakery goods and love them. Bakery and fruit scented bath products are my weakness!

The Candy ornaments are getting ready to go to Spain, for my friend at Chicadecanela. They feature her logo, which I made into a rubber stamp, so I can make these cute ornaments for her. I love her site, and have been meaning to get it translated in Babelfish from Spanish, so I can read all the descriptions to go along with her cute goods!

So those are some of the things coming out of the kiln this week. Tonight I will be making some things for orders and holiday stock. It is a "rolly tray" night, lol...which is what I call it when I get out the tray with stamps and my rolling pin. I like to focus on one technique a night if I can, it just helps me be more productive.


  1. wow! these are absolutely gorgeous!

    i love the embellishments you did for our breast cancer awareness journals (i've sold five of them so far, and am excited about sending the komen foundation a check). these look fabulous! can you add a link to where they are available on your website?

  2. OMG - how cute are those snowflake cookies! So cute that I just went and ordered one! ;)

  3. Nicole, Thanks for checking out the Body Bakery site. I recently got an order from them and I love it! I highly recommend the Arm Candy...you kow how long I have waited for deodorant that smells like cupcakes??? I am excited about thier holiday scents too...