October 11, 2006

the *cookies* of my labor

Well, I am pleased to say that I accomplished yesterdays goal and finished all of the cookie ornaments I have on order. I try to do them right away, since they have to dry for several days. I have found that if I rush the drying (by setting them in front of a vent or in the sun), they end up with a hairline crack, right in the middle of the design. So I just leave them out on trays in the living room and let them dry naturally. I always make several extra just in case...

I also made a prototype for a new item in the cookie line. It is a little bumpy stone, that I think will be good as a foot massage tool. I am excited to get it fired and try it out. Here is a picture of one, next to a scrub. Sorry for the poor photography...I really need to learn to use this camera for non-website photos. I am learning...

We thought we might go to the cider mill today but it is looking pretty wet and gloomy out. Also, UPS came bright and early with some brewing supplies for Chuck, so I know he has been itching to brew up an all grain beer, especially since we came back from Portland. So probably today will be glazing, kiln firing, and packing up for my show this weekend for me, and the house will be full of the smell of hops and malt.

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