October 9, 2006

Back on our feet (paws)

Yesterday we took it easy around the house mostly. Zoey needed some rest for the little limp she had the other day and she seems fine today. I know she will wake up with Chuck in a couple of hours with that happy dog look in her eye, begging to go out on a walk. So it looks like a brisk autumn walk at the nature center is on the agenda for today

I was able to finish up my wet clay work and sanding for all my orders yesterday morning and loaded everything into a bisque kiln. I felt very accomplished! And I was left with nothing to work on for orders so I broke out with the sewing machine. I caught the urge to sew while we were in Portland and have been really wanting to find some time.

I made a new scented eye pillow, taking apart an old pillow that was stuffed with buckwheat hulls and lavender and filling it with that. I still have some left so I will make another. I also refashioned a boxy tee shirt that I had, making the neck a bit looser, the arms shorter, slitting up the side, and shortening it a bit. Then I added a few squares of pretty vintage kimono fabric for decoration. Much better now. I am going to wear it today and see how it feels.

I also got started on a scrappy fleece sweater for myself, piecing together several pieces of fabric that I got as remnants and had as leftovers. I worked on it until kinda late, and messed up the collar (I sewed it in backwards!) so I tore that apart and will have to work on it later. Maybe I will find some time today after I finish glazing.

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