October 7, 2006

Back home and back to work

Well, we had a wonderful trip to the Pacific Northwest. Portland and Eugene, Oregon specifically. It was so beautiful out there...the mountains were incredible and we spent much of our time discovering nature trails and waterfalls. We took the above picture on a drive towards Mt Hood, it overlooks the Columbia River Gorge area. Someday we may move out West, and leave the Motor city behind. I have lived here all my life, and most of my friends and family are here, but maybe there is a better place for me somewhere else.

So we have returned and I appreciate the patience of all of you who have ordered either while we were on the trip of in the past week. I have been buried in things to do and orders to fill, but I just finished the wet clay work of the the last of the orders and I am starting to feel like I am getting caught up.

I have two bead shows coming up this weekend, and while I had hoped to make more beads for stock, I still have lots of beads, so I should be ok. These are my last two bead shows of the year, so I will be happy to focus on stocking other things for a while, like my tiles and finished jewelry and ornaments...all of which are my seasonal best sellers.

Ok, time to get glazing so I can get another glaze kiln loaded today!

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