August 18, 2006

Back in the Studio...bragging on my hubby...

Yikes! I forgot to post that we have returned from Gencon and are back to work! Gencon was a lot of fun! We hung around with mostly other artists in the art show, and met some great people. Chuck won a Juror's choice of only about 8 awards at the I am super proud of him! You can see a detail from the winning piece is some elf type fighting a multi headed Hydra (I am probably not giving that description much justice, lol!)

Anyways, it was a big success: we sold some paintings and prints and tiles, made some new friends, and most importantly met some contacts that might become clients in the future for Chuck. Other than Indy being a difficult and expensive city to get around in, it was a great experience.

But I have returned to many orders to finish up (orders are good, but being so behind...not so much) I am slowly catching up and face a full day of glazing today.

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