July 9, 2006

New Jewelry Design :: Muse Stone Necklaces

Here is a little sneak peek into some new items I have been working on: the Muse Stone Necklace. This is a series of finished jewelry items that will be marketed to wholesale buyers, but I will list some on Etsy soon as well. This is the first time I have designed an item just for jewelry which is not available in my bead line. I am really enjoying them so far!


  1. Okay now that I see the one color ones. They look great too! :)

  2. These are great. I've done something similar as word tiles for scrapbookers and gotten pretty good responses. I look forward to seeing them on Etsy.

  3. Aw, man! I LOVE those (strawberrydolphin off of Beadstyle forums).

    I'd so be doing a zillion things with them, if they WERE available in your components line.

    I'll haveta check out the price and see about maybe the courage one sometime . . . (psychotherapy is taking WAY more courage than I thought I had, lol!!)