July 23, 2006

A new idea for word stones

It has been a whiles since I posted, and a lot has happened. The main thing is that I did the Altercations show and had a great time! I have found that I have a lot in common with Altered Artists. We seem to use many of the same symbols, images, and colors in our imagery. So I am looking more into making items for altered art. My first prototype is shown above, some small terra cotta word stones that can be glued to a surface of a collage. Not holes, no loops, just a flat little stone. I want to fire them a little hotter so they have a more stony feel and a chocolatey color. I am not sure they are the right shape, I was going for a combination of a stone and a cloud. They are fun to play with though. I have more things that I will post in the next few days after they are fired...

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