June 1, 2006

June~ Theme, Colors, and Jewelry ideas of the month

The featured theme for June is love messages. Using three sweet summery colors and components from our Sticks and Stones series, we are focused this month on jewelry that conveys a message.

June's Color Spotlight makes me think of sherbet, watermelon, strawberries, and peaches...treats of summertime!

Light Peach :: A very pale peachy pink, this glaze is somewhat opaque and very pastel. It goes well with neutrals like pale pearls and light tans and cream colors. It can also be a good blend with brighter pastels, to tone them down a little.

Fiesta Pink :: This glaze reminds me of Fiesta ware, creamy and bright. It is somewhat opaque, but it still is able to capture details when the glaze pools into crevasses and creates a slight darker tone.

Melon :: Our reddest glaze, Melon is really a more orangey red, very reminiscent of watermelon fruit. It captures good detail and works well with oranges, darker reds, and rusts like carnelian.

We have designed three examples of finished jewelry using Charms in the colors of the month:

1) Letter Bracelet :: Create your own message using our new spin on the classic letter bead. This bracelet presents the simple message "i love beads" using all three of the colors of the month. Light Peach Austrian crystals are a great match, uniting all the colors together.

2) Message Bracelet :: For this bracelet, Message Stick Links are strung together with short loops of seed beads on fine soft flex wire. The loops are crimped in the center, in a figure eight style, and the crimp is covered with a crimp cover for a nice, polished finish. A Message Stick Horizontal Charm is used as a toggle clasp.

3) Om Pebble Bracelet :: Pale and serene, this bracelet incorporates a Light Peach Om Pebble and Pumpkin beads with Peruvian pink opal and Silk Austrian Crystals. Simple Bali silver beads and clasp complete the look with an ethnic feel.

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