June 23, 2006

Home from the Show

We have returned form the show and are just about settled back into regular working schedules. The show stuff is mostly put away, banking is done, and things are looking more sane around here. The show was disappointing sales wise, but we had a great time and met lots of great people and got bunches of new ideas!
On the long drive home from Milwaukee to Detroit, right around Chicago, we were surprised to have clear roads through the city and the biggest rainbow I have ever seen! It stretched all the way across the sky...couldn't even fit it all in the camera! And if you look very closely in the last picture, you can see it was actually a double rainbow, with the second one also stretching across the whole sky above the bright one. It was very hard to see with the naked eye...somehow I could see it really well with my sunglasses on.
Anyways, the rainbow was a good positive end to kind of a bummer of a weekend, and it gives me hope for what's ahead...

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