May 17, 2006

Moving along, button time...

Good news, I got a lot of that pile from the other day glazed. You can see it above, sorted out by bead shape and color. I like to sort them in groups so I can hang all the long pendants on one shelf, all the small beads on another, and so on. It is a good way for me to economize my kiln space. I also have to be careful when sorting, because some of the glazes are more volatile than others. Just by sitting next to one another, some dust from an iron or cobalt glaze could rub off on a pale yellow, for instance, and ruin that bead. I have learned which glazes can be "trusted" together. It is not much to look at now, but all those dry pastelly blobs will come out of the kiln as pretty, shiny, multicolored beads!

Now that the first batch is off to firing, I sorted the next batch. Mostly buttons, 10 of each style for an order (so I usually glaze about a dozen or so, so I have a few extra for stock, or just in case something goes wrong) Buttons are actually not as time consuming to glaze for me, as the backs are unglazed, and they are all one color on each button. I have learned to carefully avoid painting the glaze around the holes, but if I miss, a toothpick is handy to clean the glaze out.

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  1. I love the style of your beads & cabs. Will check your site for more....