May 2, 2006

May~ Theme, Colors, and Jewelry ideas of the month

The featured theme for May is Springtime~Bright and pastel colored Butterflies, Fairies, and Flowers are seen during May, and this month's items celebrate them all! May also brings to mind bright pastel colors, new blossoms, and cool breezes... This month's Color Spotlight reminds me of these things.

Lilac :: This glaze is a very thick, pastel color. It reminds me of saltwater taffy, sweet and opaque. It works well on broad designs and as an accent, but since it is so thick, it does not show fine details well.

Lime Green :: A great burst of bright color, this glaze is fresh and alive like newly blossoming buds and leaves. The color really stands out and compliments many other bright colors, but also has a richness that makes it at home with more jewel tones.

Seafoam :: An excellent glaze choice for capturing fine details in a cool breezy color. The raised areas of items glazed in Seafoam are pale aqua or almost white, but the crevasses are a lovely turquoise aqua blue.

See these glazes in use in the theme of the month, and some ideas for using these colors with other beads in our jewelry idea of the month....

Dragonfly Fairy Necklace :: The Lime Green glaze compliments so many other colors, and this necklace shows many green hues side by side. Jonquil, Lime, Olivine Satin, Green Tourmaline, and Light Emerald Austrian crystals were used.
Butterfly Daisy Necklace :: Seafoam and Lime Green combine beautifully for this fresh springtime necklace. Floral and leafy elements in sterling silver tie the nature concept together. Pacific Opal Austrian crystals are a nice match to the seafoam glaze, with the milky effect of the crystal flowing nicely with the porcelain.
Butterfly Flowerbud Necklace :: The pale sage and cream colors of the glass flowers, enamelled bail, and silk cords combine together to tone down the brightness of the Lilac glaze, giving it a bit more dimension. Violet Opal Austrian Crystals are a great match to the glaze.

Fairy Fringe Necklace :: Using a large Fairy face bead as the focal point, this necklace uses fine twisted thread to anchor a mixed bead tassel to the center. Vintage glass and leaf and flower shapes fit well with the theme, and the colors have been carefully chosen to pick up the tiny details of the fairy bead.

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