May 14, 2006

Glazing Day

I realized that I haven't posted to the blog in a while and I feel like I should be using it more. I think if I use the blog as a bit of a business diary it may help me get myself more organized. So I will start today!
Today is glazing day. The picture above is the state of my glazing desk right now, about mid cycle. I got these great cafeteria trays in all sorts of colors that I use for lugging my stuff upstairs and downstairs, and organizing my tasks. Anyways, I have to glaze each little pile in the color it is piled on, and then move to the next color. This morning it is mostly moon faces that I am glazing, but when I am done, there is a huge batch of bisqued buttons and other beads in the kiln to be sorted and glazed. The sorting is one of my favorite tasks, so I really need to get all these things cleared up before I do that. I want to get this first batch done so I don't get overwhelmed, which happens sometimes with glazing. So I will put on some tunes and get to work soon!
I have about three large orders to complete and then I need to continue working on stock for the Bead & Button show, my biggest show of the year next month. It is coming up quick and as usual, I feel unprepared for it. I need to really think about what I need to do and make a list. I just can do what I can though, and I do have a good amount of stock, just not exactly everything I want. I am trying to do a bit each night.


  1. What does the OHM bead mean??

  2. Om is a sacred syllable in Eartern cultures and is often used in meditation.

    Here is more information: