May 3, 2006

Dog Blog

Sorry, nothing bead related today. Just have to show this pic of our happy dog Zoey in the sunshine at the park...


  1. what a cutie! and how can you resist the smile of a dog. :)

  2. so cute! what kind of dog is zoey? she looks a little like my doggie.

  3. I know, she is a real cutie! People stop in their cars on the street to tell us so sometimes! She is such a diva, she loves it.

    Zoey is a shelter dog, we got her when she was a year or so old, so we are not really sure what she is. We think she is a mix of German Shepherd and a Japanese Husky type dog called a Sheba Inu. But we really don't know. Her head looks a lot like a Corgi, actually, but she is much bigger (about 60 lbs) SHe is very unique!