April 11, 2006

Colors & Items of the month

For those of you who have not signed up for my newsletter yet, I will share some of this month's features:

April brings to mind the coming of spring, the beginnings of growth, and of course April showers. This months Color Spotlight reminds me of these things.

Denim: This glaze is semi-matte, meaning it is mostly matte, but not dry, and it has a bit of a sheen, especially in the crevasses of the design. The color reminds me of pale blue jeans, and it often goes a bit green, which reminds me of grass stains on blue jeans. Denim tends to have a lot of variation from batch to batch...always a surprise!

Castile Blue: Another glaze that varies from batch to batch, Castile Blue is one of my best sellers for customers looking for a subtle, antique feeling glaze. It is somewhat glossy, with a grayish to yellowish tinge on the surface. When it gets thick, like in the crevasses of the design, it becomes a pale blue color, creating a lovely subtle contrast.

Antiq Aqua: Another popular glaze with a lot of variation, Antiq Aqua has a semi-matte finish with a great pale aqua color. The color varies and sometimes has a hint of tan on the surface if applied thinly. The finish is almost stone like, a bit like turquoise, and has a cool and vintage look to it. See these glazes in use below in the item of the month, and some ideas for using these colors with other beads in our jewelry idea of the month...

The featured items for April are Charms! Cast from vintage and antique buttons, these charms bring new life to old buttons. I have been collecting buttons for several years because I love the detail and designs, but I found myself not wanting to use them and just hoarding them. So I decided to make molds of them and cast them into charms for others to enjoy as well! The porcelain picks up all the great original detail, and my glazes create wonderful new surfaces to give them a whole new look. We have over 60 charm designs to choose from, and they can be ordered in 35 colors. Also, any charm can be made into a link with two loops, for even more beading options! Charm Choices at Earthenwood Studio

We have some great Charms available in our Etsy shop! These are assortments of Charms that I selected from stock. For this month, they are on sale at Etsy for $10 a set of two ($5 each)instead of the regular $6 each on our website. All the items shown in the Etsy shop are ready to ship as shown and feature free shipping. Earthenwood Etsy Shop

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