January 21, 2006

Denaliknits Stitch Markers!

Check out these great Stitch Markers made by my friend Renae in Chicago! She just opened her shop on Etsy, denaliknits.etsy.com and is featuring these markers made with my pumpkin beads. I am excited to see all the great things that will be popping up in her shop...


  1. hi melanie! question about your upcoming show at the biddle art gallery... will you have a lot of items? sorry if thats a dumb question. i've never gone to anything like that... and i'm just wondering if i'm better of ordering your stuff online (again!) or heading out and seeing the stuff in person. will you have a lot of the fruits n veggies?

  2. Hi Amanda!
    I forget...are you in the Wyandotte area? I do plan on having both jewelry and loose charms in the fruit & veg line at my trunk show. I will have some other beads as well. It probably be mostly jewelry on display, but I tend to keep my bead stash with me at a show in case people just want the loose stuff.

    So to answer your question yes I will have a lot of items, if you can get to the show I would love to see you there!


  3. hi, thanks for the info. yeah, i'm near enough wydotte to go. i guess i was looking for individual beads. but it makes sense for you to be selling actual jewlery. i have the soybean as a neclace pendant, and i have the avocados that i made into cute earrings, and i could never decide on what other fruits n veggies to get, as theyre all so cute. so i thought seeing them in person would help me decide. but perhaps i'm too poor this februrary to go buy a bunch of beads! gosh. have fun at the show. maybe i'll c u there.