September 17, 2005

Website Update and Upcoming Show

It has been pretty busy around here! I have a show this weekend in Chicago, which is about a 5 hour drive from here. We will be leaving in a few hours for the trip, and the show is tomorrow. It has always been a great show for me, always busy and quick. This is the start of my group of bead shows so I gotta get warmed up. Hope to see you there!

Last night we updated the
website with some changes and new additions I have been working on for a while. I added

More vintage style button
New tiny
charm pairs,
Flaming Hearts, Hand Pendants, and a Sun,
Butterfly Wings and BirdAngel Wings
A page introducing the
Cookie Ornaments
Updated Links page
and a
Press Page

That should tide me over for web changes until the big changes come later in the year/the new year. Take a look around and see whats new!

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