September 26, 2005

Fresh from the Kiln!

This is a peek ahead at the work ahead of me for today (and tomorrow, too, probably) This lunchtray is piled with buttons needing to be glazed for this weekend's sewing show. There is probably about 300 there, maybe more. That's a lot of buttons! I am still waiting for them to cool a little bit, then I will sort tehm into pies and choose which glazes get used. I hope to get a kiln full loaded tonight and then I can glaze more tomorrow. They are a bit easier and quicker to glaze for me than most on my beads, since each button only gets one color and is painted on one side. A long day ahead of me...

Also from this kiln is a big pile of plain cookies, in all sorts of designs. I have been stealing away time in the basement (where the red clay studio is) to make a dozen of these at a time. I find them so relaxing to make and a nice way to take a little break from the beads and buttons. I hope people like them, because I will sure have lots of them!

Well, better go attack that pile of buttons!


  1. I had to laugh when after looking at this photo and assuming it was COOKIES, maybe sugar? I realized that you meant scent cookies! Hmmmm. I guess you can tell where my mind is!

    Oh, and your buttons and beads are absolutely gorgeous. I've just spent the last half hour trying to figure out what I just have to have! Too bad you're not doing the New York Sheep and Wool, Oct. 15th and 16th. There is no-one like you there and I think you'd do very well. We take a booth every year ( It's a great show!

    If you have any interest, perhaps for next year, let me know and I'll put you in touch with the co-ordinator. I think she'd really like your work!

  2. What yummy looking stuff you have.