September 9, 2005

Coming Soon: Scent Cookies

I would like to introduce a new holiday item I am working on: the Scent Cookie! These are little ornaments made from unglazed clay. These are decorative, scent diffussers, which absorb drops of scented oil and can be used to freshen up a room, closet, or car. I will be packaging them on polka dotted ribbons along with vials of fragrance oils in yummy scents that match the item shown (as most of them are bakery, fruit, and snack related). I still need to work on finding the oils, but I am trying to make a bunch of these now, before the holidays get closer. I am also experimenting with a colored version, where a dry pastel color is rubbed into the lines for a two toned effect.


  1. Yay! Melanie, these look great.
    I love the color rub idea.
    My best on getting some awesome oils to match. (loving the pumpkin)
    Miss ya at Renegade Chicago, but hope your bead show is fab.

  2. those are sooo cute! I just found your page through a link, and I'm sure glad I looked. Love your stuff. When will the scent cookies be out? I sure could use 'em now. :)

  3. Mandi, Thanks for the compliments! I hope to have the Cookies available soon, perhaps by next week. I am waiting for the scented oils and packaging. Keep an eye on the blog or bookmark my Etsy site at where they will be exclusively available. Nice to meet you! Melanie