August 31, 2005

Crafters United for Hurricane Relief

Well, today I have just been waiting for my kiln to cool so I can get some orders out and have been watching the news. It is so sad about all the devastation that the hurricane brought, and I wanted to do something about it. We don't have a lot of money that we can donate to causes, but we can donate our artworks, so I will be listing a bunch of things on the Craft Revolution Fund Raiser at Etsy I am very excited about this group, as well as the Etsy sales format, and have been wanting to get involved with both, so this is a good reason to do that and help others as well. Look for some Earthenwood charms, buttons, and a great gargoyle tile from Chuck! All are priced so that 100% goes to the Red Cross Relief Effort and there is no additional shipping. I will ship out the items direct to customers and will add some extra goodies too. So please check it out!

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