August 24, 2005

Back to Work

Well, I have returned from vacation and am getting back to work. I have to finish up on a few large orders and start a few new projects. This is a very busy time, which I am grateful for. I had expected, though, to have August and September to work on stock for my four October shows. Well, that didn't happen for August, so we will see about September.
So to celebrate getting back to work, please enjoy these random pictures of my favorite tools:

1) a rubber tipped pointy tool , perfect to make a soft line or mark in clay, not as harsh as metal or wood
2) my best wooden knife tool, boxwood probably, sharpened to be not knife sharp, but making a nice line
3) wooden spoutmaker from China, used to flare out bead holes


1) thin dishcloth, used to keep my hands damp, clean my tools, and to wet sand all my molded and cutout items. I have tons of these lying around.

2) sharp knife...I am not sure the name of this tool. I don't think it is a fettling knife, but I use it to clean up the sides of my molded items and cutout items

3) calligraphers brush, this brush can be filled with water and squeezed to dampen the bristles. I use these a lot, for when you need just the finest touch of detail. They come in various sizes. Since I found these, I have not had to clean up any little cups of dumped water!


Two awls used to make the holes in my beads. The top is slightly thinner and is used for my fairies and moonbabies. It is a beaders awl. The bottom is used for almost all of the other beads, like my pumpkins. It is a soldering pick.

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