April 13, 2005

Fire the kilns up!

Well, I have been super busy working on stock for this weekend's show and finishing up the orders I have. I would love to be able to ship everything before the weekend, so I have been firing the little kiln everyday. Right now some tile is cooling. The popular tile lately seems to be the one above, for which I have had several orders for. I think that the Earthy Emerald glaze is my personal favorite for the tiles. I am so happy I was able to finalize a tile glaze line and get it up on the site. It is good to have them cataloged finally after all the years I have been making them.

Today I have to buckle down and work on glazing. Most of yesterday was lost to jury duty, but since I wasn't chosen, I am now able to really focus. So off to glazing and loading up the big kiln with beads today!

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