April 9, 2005

Day out in Detroit

A couple of days ago, we spent a little time in Detroit. Chuck had to drop off some work for a children's book show to an instructor at our old college, CCS . We walked around the school a bit, seeing all the changes to the different rooms and buildings where we had each spent 5 years. I got to see my former ceramics professer, Tom Phardel...always good to chat with him. The ceramics studio looked pretty much the same, although there had just been a cup sale fundraiser in the main hall, and there was a new elevator.

Off we went to lunch at what used to be Cappys. I was secretly looking forward to my old favorite, a three cheese sandwich. Well, Cappys was no longer and in its place was a shiny new internet cafe. Nice looking and clean, but I kind of missed the old dark cafe. Just nostalgic, I guess.

Across the street we went to the Detroit Institute of Art (you goin?) where it was undergoing major construction. The DIA is really a great museum, and we have been to several in different cities throughout our travels. They did a pretty good job of compacting the collections, once you read the curators signs and understood the theme of each room. To have Medeival art and modern art and everything in between all in one room was pretty confusing, but what can you do?...and its just temporary.

My favorite part, as usual, was standing in the center of the Diego Rivera mural room, Pewabic tile beneath my feet, and taking in all the history. If you are ever in the Detroit area, I would highly recommend it!

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