March 31, 2005

The Cat Returns

We watched Miyazaki's animated film "The Cat Returns" the other night. Another great one...we are never disappointed. This film was definitely more family and kid friendly. It was shorter, fast paced, and nothing too violent or objectionable. All star cast of voices for the US version, too. There is a scene where the main character Haru turns into a kitty cat queen, and sprouts ears and wears a lovely royal dress and golden fish necklace. She reminded me a little of my costumed critter beads! I recently found the website of a gal from Canada who makes the cutest Kitty Caps for humans that could make ME look like Haru too!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh! We saw that and immediately thought of you! Because our nearly 4 year old loved it we watched it over and over and over.... FUN!