February 10, 2005

Glaze Desk Pictures

I thought it might be interesting to show my glaze table, where all the color happens for my little beads and tiles. The desk is an old school teacher's desk we bought from a school clearance sale for about $15. It suits me very well, and is not too fancy. It gets pretty messy!

Here is the desk the way it looks when clean. All the bottles of glazes on top are the ones I use all the time. I do have more that I am always playing with, testing, or just storing. In front is my tray that I work in, and a wet cloth for cleaning the surface and my hands after each glaze color. I usually work from the lightest colors to the darkest, ending with the heavy iron glazes like the earthy browns and the cobalt glazes like blue and purple. Near the tray is a water jar for washing the brushes, and a bottle of water for thinning out glazes as needed.

This photo shows my color charts in the back, which I need to look at to remember which glazes belong to which letters from my catalog. I can get the info at a glance. Also there are little plastic cups containing piles of bisqued beads, waiting to be glazed in the color in the jar below. This is how I stay organized, and I usually glaze large batches of beads at a time. So when I get some bisque fired, I can sort into the cups that I know I need to stock.

Over to the side of my table, these black trays are usually kept stacked up and filled with bisque. I have many of the trays marked for specific beads, like all of the button charms and links. When I get an order, I can just grab what I need from the tray and glaze it in the color ordered. Stock is looking a little low here...I better get to making charms!

One more picture of piles of bisque. Two ceramic bowls, one with buttons and one with pumpkins, all waiting to be glazed! These ceramic bowls are the ones that the dried beads get put into and bisque fired in. I have fired them many times and keep firing until they just break.

That's a little bit about my glazing process! I hope to take some pictures of my beadmaking area later!

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