January 29, 2005

New Sprite Beads

These are some of the new beads for the website! I have been making the Goth Girl for a while, but usually just bring her out for Halloween. So I added two new designs I have dabbled with in the past, and I really like all three together!The Queen has a bit of an exotic look with her crown and black hair...almost Thai or Indian with the colors. The Anime Chick is inspired by a combination of butt-kickin cartoons like Sailor Moon & Aeon Flux and an old school Geisha or Noh theater character with the drastic white face and dark features.

These gals remind me a little of the new album by Gwen Stefani, as she reveals her fascination with the underground fashion culture of Japan. She has been obviously inspired by the Harajuku girls and as she sings about them, I imagine an ultra modern sort of Ukioe fantasy world. I think my beads reflect this as well.

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