January 9, 2005

Jackets and Glazing

poo. I just signed up for a few classes at my favorite local fabric store Haberman Fabrics but they cancelled the one that started on Monday. I guess I waited too long, or maybe there weren't enough people in the first place. It was a cute jacket with novelty tweed. Oh well, I signed up for another jacket and a little bag class. Those aren't until spring. Guess I will just have to play on my own. I do have some great ideas for applique totebags, with ultra suede appliques in funky anime like shapes. Perhaps I will play with that.

The little zoey pic above is one that Chuck drew for me a long time ago, which we lost in computer land and found again! Yea! I am going to try to use him as my avatar.

Today I really need to glaze...I have huge piles of beads to do. Some for orders, some for stock. If I can finish today and load the kiln tomorrow, I can get these orders out in the mail by Wednesday. That would be good. Better get to it....

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  1. Seems to work great... I'm still getting the wonky text on the main Blogger page, but I think that's just this stupid diablo mechena of mine... =S

    In any case, I think it looks great !!!

    charlie in the blog