January 15, 2005

Button Patterns

I just finished the button pictures for the website. Here are the different patterns available. They are so fun to make!


  1. Saw the buttons via Woolgathered's post to the LJ knitting community. Want, want! I'd also be terribly delighted to get some of the charms made from old buttons as actual buttons (like, could you stick the loop in the back as a shank rather than at the top to hang from) if that's something you might be able to do.

    Is e-mail the way to go until they're up on the website?

    I'm working on a knit cardigan that *might* be published in a book. I'd love to feature your buttons on it.

    Best wishes,
    (emmacrew at livejournal dot com)

  2. Hi there! Nice to meet you! I will send you an email, but yes, I can make the button charms from my site into buttons for ya! Thanks for reminding me to make a note of that for the website update! Thanks for visiting!