January 5, 2014

Earthenwood Update and Links

You can find Earthenwood Studio beads, charms, pendants, and cabochons in my online Etsy Store! All of my classic designs are available there with easy shopping features and inexpensive flat rate shipping in the USA. Subscribe to my Newsletter for special sales and specials.

Wholesale pricing is available to stores and designers. Please contact me at earthenwood@gmail.com for more info on wholesale

I use Facebook more for keeping everyone up to date with what I have been working on (feel free to friend me there and *like* my Earthenwood Facebook Fan Page!) 
You can find my line of porcelain jewelry at the fine shops and galleries listed in my Retail Locations link.

My newest work is focused on working in ceramics in a very different way.  I have fallen in love with hand painting onto functional pottery. This new work is satisfying my desire to draw and doodle, allowing me to be really creative and expressive (which I have felt I have been lacking the last few years), and bringing me back to my original love of pottery.  You can see these works in my Etsy Ceramic Store.

I think my love of pottery has always gone hand in hand with a love of food and the presentation of food, which brings me to another new direction that my work is taking.  I am starting culinary school this week to study pastry arts!  I have become more and more interested in cake and cookie decorating, candy making, and artistic desserts and foods.  In some ways it is really different than the work I have been doing for the last decade, but in other ways, it makes a lot of sense.  Clay work and baking have a lot of similarities and I love working on small, detailed objects in production mode with ceramics and I can see bakery work being similar.  Food is another layer of materials and techniques that I have little experience with and am eager to start learning about. I am not exactly sure where these new skills will take me in my career and art yet, but I am excited to find out! You can read about my culinary adventures on my Sugarwood Bakery blog